Natural Dried Ochre Lagurus, Dark Orange Bunny Tail Bunch


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Gorgeous natural dried Lagurus Grass known as Bunny / Hare Tail.

Perfect for dried flower bouquets.
Ochre colour Lagurus grass' heads and stems which can vary slightly from bunch to bunch.
Stem length: approx 45 - 50 cm

Each stem will be a different length, some shorter than others approx 45-50 cm

You will have 100 stems or 50 stems bunny tails, optional.

*we send all the dried flowers with box, small parcel.

we have also shortest version of this stems.

This flower is delicate in nature and does shed, so handle as little as possible and keep away from heat and water although this current type can be blow dried at the base of the plume for volume. Please allow a few days for the plumes to take shape once placed in a vase after receiving them.

vase not included

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