Handmade Purplish Modern Retro Ribbon Plant Pot


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Handmade Modern-retro for shelves and windowsills. The Ribbon Plant Pot has a patterned relief of glossy glaze.
For those looking for an artistic touch at home, with embossed, colour transition. This unique ceramic piece with a bold design aesthetic.
There are rubber pads at the base of the pot, to avoid scratching the surface

External Dimensions

D 12 cm x h 11 cm

Internal Dimensions

d 9 cm x h 9 cm

***fits a 9 cm nursery pot

Material: Ceramic with glossy and matt glazing.

Usage: Indoor use only. No drainage hole.

Features: Handmade - every one is unique. Note: These pots have an irregular hand made shape that can be slightly oval.

The pot is glazed on the inside to prevent dampness on the surface where the pot is placed.

As some steps of the manufacturing process are performed by hand, each product gets a unique finish and slight variations in colour might occur.

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