Houseplant Bundle, Sansevieria Moonshine, Zamioculcas ZZ Plant,unkillable plant bundle


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The Sansevieria Moonshine is a succulent plant in the snake plant family. Snake Plants do well in medium light, watered infrequently but can also survive as a low light plant. This is a great air purifying plant for beginners.

nursery pot 12 cm

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia is an evergreen perennial with tall stems that carry from six to eight pairs of leaflets, more commonly known as the ‘Fern Arum’. The plant can flower but rarely does indoors, the arum-like flowers grow from the base of the plant. The Zamioculcas like most house plants needs to be kept in a full shaded or partially shaded area, to avoid risk of burning. The Fern Arum has a bushy habit and is not particularly hardy.

Nursery pot 12 cm

Plant size 30 - 35 cm

you will have 1 sansevieria moonshine, 1 zz plant

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