Anthurium Black Love


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Anthurium Black Love, Anthurium hybrid is a beautiful plant to add to any indoor collection. A contemporary and bold look. That's the black flamingo plant (Anthurium andreanum). The black bracts make our interior even more special. The Flamingo plant blooms all year round. It also likes high humidity. It's easy to care for and the blooms are long-lasting so perfect for beginners looking to add some colour to a collection. Originating from tropical rainforests across central and south America they're perfectly adapted to humid environments like bathrooms or kitchens. Made up of beautiful heart-shaped leaves in a dark green the long stems will rise up culminating in a brightly coloured flower and distinctive columnar stem. This 'Black Love' variety features blooms in a dark black red.

Nursery pot 12 cm

plant size 40-45 cm

decorative pot not included

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