Anthurium Joli Peach


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Anthurium is particularly well-suited for most houses and all need very high humidity and warmth to thrive. A popular indoor plant and cut flower, Anthurium are an easy care plant that looks great at home or in an office. In exchange for some attention Anthurium will surprise you in turn; she will flower throughout the year.

Growing Conditions:

Light: Bright, indirect light. Do not expose to direct sunlight, except in the winter or plants that have been carefully acclimated.
Water: Keep compost moist at all times, but not drenched. Foliage anthurium throw off aerial roots that appreciate misting and can be pushed into the soil.
Temperature: They suffer below 15oC. The foliage types prefer it even warmer.
Soil: Rich, loose potting media. Push exposed roots into the soil.

Nursery pot size 9 cm
Plant Size 40-45 cm

decorative pot not included

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