Coleus blumei hybrids, 12cm pot


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The Coleus blumei hybrids, the Painted Nettles or going by their less commonly used Latin name, Plectranthus scutellarioides, are traditionally grown as outdoor bedding plants treated as annuals.

With fabulous, colourful , and uniquely patterned leaves this is such a robust plant ideal for shady areas of your garden as they give it such a lift. Also ideal and fast growing as a House plant.

So can Coleus really be grown indoors as a houseplant? Absolutely it can. As long as you're able to provide good strong light and are prepared to spend five minutes every few weeks pruning and pinching out any flowers that appear then you'll have a brilliant and striking looking houseplant

you will have 1 coleus plant in 12 cm

nursery pot 12 cm

Decorative pot not included

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