Homalomena Maggy, Shield Plant


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Homalomena 'Maggy' Homalomena rubescens, Queen of Hearts,

If you're looking for a leafy, green and interesting houseplant, Homalomena 'Maggy' is good choice for you. A genus of evergreen, perennial tropical plants, they're known for their large, waxy and glossy foliage and relative ease of care.

For best growth, your Homalomena should be positioned somewhere that it can benefit from medium, indirect, dappled light, especially during its growing season. It'll still survive in low light conditions, but just be aware that it'll slow the growth rate down considerably.

Prefers above normal household humidity levels, however, will tolerate some lower levels with regular weekly misting.

nursery pot : 13 cm

plant size : 35-40 cm

decorative pot not included

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