Kian Sky Burn Plant Pot, Various Sizes


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Metal is popular. It is trendy and timeless. Durable and stylish. Kian gives the interior atmosphere and character. Metal is indispensable in a green and comfortable interior. It is the perfect addition between basketwork and flower pots. The unique colors provide an overflow of silver, gold and copper accents. Chic and sturdy at the same time. The design is characterized by tasteful curves.

1 x D 15 cm h 12 cm Small //Opening 13 cm
1 x D 17 cm h 15 cm Medium // Opening 15.5 cm
1 x D 21 cm h 16 cm Large // Opening 18.5 cm
*unit of measure is cm

You can buy a set of 3 or one size. If you buy Small or Medium or Large only You will have 1 pot.
If you buy Set of 3, you will have 3 metal pots in different sizes.

No Drainage Hole
Indoor use recommended
Plant not included
As some steps of the manufacturing process are performed by hand, each product gets a unique finish and slight variations in color might occur.
Please note all pots different than each other, one has a unique touch and handmade finish

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