Stephania Erecta


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Stephania Erecta

The Stephania erecta, also known as Stephania pierrei, hails from Thailand and is characterized by a large, woody bulb known as a caudex (this is the potato part) from which sprout multiple tall, slender, straight stalks (the “erecta” part). These stalks are topped by shield-shaped green leaves whose whimsical arrangement make this an attractive and intriguing plant for any indoor garden.


It is extremely easy to overwater the Stephania erecta. The caudex holds moisture, so it’s best to let the soil dry out almost entirely before watering. In the winter, the plant goes dormant and hardly needs any water at all, so try to resist the urge to water it more than once a month!

Like most other houseplants, this one likes bright locations with indirect sunlight.

Stephania erecta, like most human beings, is most comfortable at a temperature between 61 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

To avoid brown, dry, crispy leaves, keep the humidity level of your plant at 60 percent or higher. Give the leaves a spritz of water from a spray bottle from time to time, or construct a humidity tray if your house is particularly dry.

In the winter, your plant may start to look dead… but it’s probably not! This specimen, like many of the trees outside, is deciduous, meaning that it drops its leaves in the fall and enters a state of dormancy. This period is necessary for the plant to recover from all the growing it did during the rest of the year, and typically lasts the length of winter.

Just keep your Stephania erecta in a warm and airy, not overly humid place, and water it lightly whenever the soil’s dry. When spring comes, put it in a warmer environment and give it a good watering, and its greenery should come back bigger and better than ever.

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