Alocasia Hilo beauty (Reclassified as a Caladium), Caladium Praetermissum


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The Alocasia Hilo Beauty is also called the Hilo Beauty Alocasia or the Hilo Beauty Elephant Ear. It also goes by the Caladium praetermissum, Caladium Hilo Beauty or Caladium praetermissum Hilo Beauty.
The reason why some people call it an alocasia while some call it a caladium is that the plant has a short rhizome that looks like that of a caladium.But if you want to official word to date, its scientific name is Caladium Praetermissum. It used to be Alocasia Hilo beauty since 1981. But in 2009, the plant was officially reidentified or reclassified as a caladium.

Pot size : 11 cm
plant size : 45-50cm

Pictures are representation of the product. you will have same pot size and quality plant

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