Jewel Orchids Ludisia Discolor


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Jewel orchids, rare plants rock! You can’t see it in photos, but they have these crystalline veins running through the leaves that sparkle as they catch the light! The nice thing about Jewels, unlike many orchids their care is more similar to houseplants so I feel they’re a good transition into the orchid world if you’re getting a bit bored of regular houseplants. Ludisia discolor specifically is kind of like the “introduction to Jewel orchids plant”

Out in its natural habitat, the Jewel Orchid is found growing down low, often in pretty shady places. For the best results try to replicate this in your home or office by avoiding placing it in direct sunlight.
For the majority of the time slightly damp conditions are what the Jewel Orchid wants to grow in. It doesn't like having bone dry soil, but equally, it hates soaking wet soil.
If you get the watering requirements perfect, humidity is of only minor importance.

Nursery Pot:12 cm
Plant size : 20-30 cm

decorative pot not included

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