Large Monstera Swiss Cheese Plant


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The Monstera Swiss Cheese plant, known as Monstera deliciosa, is a popular indoor plant celebrated for its unique and distinctive foliage. Originating from the tropical rainforests of Central America, this plant has gained significant popularity as a statement piece in interior design. With its large, fenestrated leaves resembling Swiss cheese, the Monstera adds a touch of tropical beauty to any indoor space while requiring relatively low maintenance.

Monstera Swiss Cheese plant features large, heart-shaped leaves that develop intricate patterns of splits and holes as they mature. These unique fenestrations resemble the holes found in Swiss cheese, giving the plant its common name. The foliage is typically deep green, providing a lush and vibrant appearance. The plant grows as a climbing vine, but can also be trained to grow upright with the support of a moss pole or trellis.


How to care Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera Deliciosa:

Light: Place your Monstera in bright, indirect light. 

Water: Water the plant thoroughly when the top inch of the soil feels dry. 

Humidity: The Monstera thrives in humid environments. 

Temperature: Maintain a warm temperature range of 65-85°F (18-29°C). Protect the plant from cold drafts or sudden temperature fluctuations.

Support: If you want your Monstera to climb, provide a sturdy moss pole or trellis for it to cling onto. This not only adds support but also encourages larger and more fenestrated leaves.

Pruning: As the plant grows, it may develop long aerial roots and excess foliage. Prune back any dead or yellowing leaves, and trim or train the plant to maintain its desired shape and size.

Toxic to pets and children: Yes


Air purifying: Yes


Nursery pot 17cm, 12cm | Decorative pot not included


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