Ceropegia Woodii, String of Hearts


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We simply adore heart-shaped leaves, and Ceropegia Woodii has them in abundance. It's also known as the "String of Hearts," the "Chain of Hearts," and the "Rosary Vine." This evergreen, trailing, succulent vine produces small, grey-patterned leaves with a beautiful purple underside. It originates from South African countries and will happily meander around your home with its trails that can grow up to a meter long. The chic trails would look simply splendid in a hanging basket.

This plant is a low-maintenance succulent and can tolerate occasional neglect, but we're sure you won't forget to care for this beauty. In late summer and fall, you'll notice new beads added to your String of Hearts. These will be lantern-shaped, in shades of pink and pale purplish-red, growing up to 2 cm long. It's a true spectacle!

The gorgeous heart-shaped leaves of Ceropegia Woodii must be a sign of its love for all creatures because it's non-toxic to both humans and pets. So you can have peace of mind knowing this plant is not harmful to your loved ones.

How to Care Ceropegia Woodii, String of Hearts:

Light: To grow string of hearts, place it in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. It is best to avoid placing it in direct sunlight. The plant is ideal for growing on a shelf or in a hanging pot, allowing its leaves to trail over the edges.

Water: Water your plant regularly during the spring and summer months, making sure to allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. It's important to reduce watering in the autumn and winter and to never let the plant sit in waterlogged soil, as this can lead to root rot.

When repotting a string of hearts, it's important to use a free-draining compost mix that provides good aeration and drainage. A mix of peat-free cactus and succulent compost work well. Repotting should be done in late spring or summer when the plant is actively growing.

Humidity: String of hearts plants prefer moderate to high humidity levels of around 40-50% and thrive in temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius, making them well-suited to most homes in the UK

Toxic to pets and children: No. String of Hearts is a non-toxic plant. 


Air purifying: Yes


When choosing a pot for your String of Hearts plant, there are a few options to consider. Here are some recommendations:


  1. Hanging Basket: String of Hearts is known for its trailing vines, so a hanging basket is a great choice. Opt for a lightweight basket with good drainage holes to allow excess water to escape. This type of pot allows the vines to cascade down beautifully.
  2. Terra Cotta Pot: Terra cotta pots are a popular choice for many houseplants, including the String of Hearts. They are porous ato prevent overwatering. Make sure the pot has drainage holes.
  3. Hanging Wall Planter: If you want to create a vertical display, a hanging wall planter can be a stylish option for your String of Hearts. These planters can be mounted on walls or fences, allowing the vines to grow vertically and adding a unique touch to your space.
  4. Decorative Ceramic Pot: If you prefer a more decorative look, choose a ceramic pot that matches your style and complements your home decor. Ensure the pot has drainage holes or use a plastic nursery pot inside the decorative pot to allow excess water to drain.
  5. Glass Terrarium: For a unique and eye-catching display, consider using a glass terrarium. This will create a mini-ecosystem for your String of Hearts while providing an interesting visual element.

Nursery pot 6cm, 9cm | Decorative pot not included


Please note: Upon receiving a String of Hearts plant, it is crucial to handle it with care. The vines are usually coiled by the growers to protect them during transit. To prevent excessive vine loss, gently unfurl the coils and separate the vines around the pot. Give the coils a few days to hang undisturbed before continuing to delicately separate the vines. Although some leaf loss may occur, the plant's fast growth rate allows for quick regeneration. Remember to exercise patience and handle the plant gently to ensure the best outcome for your String of Hearts.


Photos are for representation purposes only. You will receive the same high-quality plants and pots that you select.

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