Anthurium Clarinervium, Velvet Anthurium


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Rare Anthurium clarinervium, velvet anthurium is a stunning foliage houseplant in the Aroid family and is sure to stop you in your tracks with its dark green, deeply lobed heart shaped leaves and contrasting white veins.
These plants enjoy mostly bright indirect light or filtered sunlight. Keep these plants away from too much direct sun. A little bit is fine.
Anthuriums, like many orchids, are epiphytes so they grow on trees and tree branches. They are often drenched in nature from frequent rains, but they will dry out quickly because their roots are much more exposed because of the way they grow.Don’t let these plants sit in water or it will spell death and they will rot. After you water thoroughly, make sure you discard excess water. Let it ALL drain away. Don’t let any sit in the saucer underneath.
prop:if your Anthurium has more than one stem. Gently loosen the roots and tease apart any new section of growth

Nursery Pot 15 cm

Plant size 45-50 cm tall

2 stems

Decorative Pot not included

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